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With 12 years of university credit, having successfully completed triple course loads, and work experience in tutoring and at the Federal Reserve Board (America’s Central Bank), I tutor material the way I wish it had been taught to me.  By combining subject-matter expertise and cutting-edge teaching techniques, I help you learn effectively and efficiently to build memory, mastery, and motivation in economics, finance, math, and more.  As a result, you earn better grades and have more fun!

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A high school junior increasing weekly test scores from 27% to 100% within 3 sessions

A high school junior, 1-month behind in AP Calculus, discouraged at having met other tutors (at prominent name-brand tutoring companies), caught up on her material, could solve challenging problems on her own, was laughing about it, and was ahead of the class within one 3-hour session

3 high school seniors 2-weeks behind on their coursework catching up after one 2.5-hour group session

A single mother and professional nurse in danger of failing her Nursing Statistics course learning the material within 3 sessions and earning As on all her subsequent assignments, research paper, and final exam

An adult entrepreneur programming a website with sophisticated data analytics despite never taking a statistics class needing tutoring on graduate-level statistics gaining an overview sufficient for his purposes within 1.5 hours

A working professional with a masters degree at a major international economic organization getting debugging help for STATA code

An adult in a masters statistics course who had struggled with the statistical software learning the software’s ease and power via 1-hour weekly sessions

An adult taking a required masters economics class, lacking the prerequisite algebra, considering dropping out completing the course with an ultimate 96%


  • Wonderful Tutor!!

    We highly recommend Lewis!! My son was failing Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry before Lewis came along and his confidence was the lowest I've ever seen. After only 3 sessions, his grades have improved tremendously. He received a B on a quiz last week, and an A+ this week! Lewis provides clear explanations to a complex subject-matter through real-life examples. His passion for math is contagious!

    Tamara Pre-Calculus (in-person)
  • Hard work and perseverance.

    Lewis tutored our daughter in AP Calculus for 8 months. She started out failing and ended with an 89 on final exam. She then took the AP exam and got a "4". The tutoring and hard work speak for themselves.

    Ashley HS AP Calculus (in-person)
  • Excellent tutor

    Lewis relates very well with my freshman son during Algebra I lessons. Since Lewis began helping my son, his Algebra class grades on his tests have been going up by 5% over the previous test. My son also has an interest in the financial markets and Lewis is able to relate to him some more advanced theories in financial terms so that my son actually grasps the meaning (Sigma's, confidence intervals).

  • Awesome and easy to follow

    Lewis started with a very simple and easy to follow approach to Macroeconomics. He's very good at explaining concepts and using visuals to assist in his explanation. It's obvious he's very well educated in economics and will be great at going to as deep of a level as needed which isn't going to likely scratch the surface of his knowledge. He's patient and personable which really helps us older learners (over 40) feel less intimidated by the subject matter. I'll definitely be employing him to help me pass this class. Great Job!

    Ross K. EMBA Global Macroeconomics (in-person)
  • EXCELLENT Tutor - Very patient and easy to work with!

    Lewis was able to help me attempt to make sense of economics--which was hard to do in my case! He would help me break the problem down and explained every step until I completely understood it. I truly had a great experience and will be certain to go back to him for my future needs, and I would certainly recommend him to everyone I know!

    Tracy BA Business Economics (online)
  • Great tutor, knows his material

    Lewis is a tremendous tutor. He makes certain of your comprehension of the material.

    Brian MFin Time-Series Forecasting with STATA (online)
  • Patient and helpful

    Lewis is very patient and works very hard with each specific student to really ensure that they receive a proper lesson. Lewis seems to really care that each student succeeds and learns and does not only try to accomplish the bare minimum, he goes above and beyond what is expected of him.


  • Helpful tutor

    Lewis has helped my daughter with her math [Multivariate Calculus 3 with Programming and Differential Equations] classes. He has taken off a ton of stress for her during her sophomore year at college. He has been very patient and kind.


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