Dear Prospective Student or Parent,


Thank you for considering my tutoring services! My combination of academic studies, personal enthusiasm, and teaching experience will ensure to assist you in helping you to find economics and math not just easy but fun.  A short time ago, I used to be in your place. It all seemed hard; yet once you understand the material, it becomes really easy. Today, I still remember how to take those ideas, break them down, and communicate them the way I had wished they had been communicated.  As a private tutor, teaching assistant, and financial economic researcher, I have graded assignments and exams and helped students like you successfully complete their homework, develop original research projects, and discover how fun and useful learning truly is.

How am I different from other tutors?  First, from the moment you call inquiring about help for your classes, your best interests are always first in my heart.  I routinely offer students information about other resources if they will be a better match for the students’ needs.  Second, my qualifications include twelve years of university credit from top schools (e.g. Oxford University, London School of Economics, William and Mary) that will allow me to tutor you in and integrate your learning across most if not all of your classes.  Third, I have successfully completed triple course loads and can help you maximize your time.  Fourth, my familiarity with cutting-edge learning and time-management techniques will similarly help you learn quickly and well.  Fifth, my experience across sectors–private, government, non-profit, and legislative and campaign politics–will be used to advance your goals and bridge your learning previous knowledge to your future plans.  Sixth, in addition to breadth, my expertise includes depth, so you can learn and apply cutting-edge techniques yourself.  Seventh, I break down multistep problems so you can understand each step and so you can save time by only focusing on the steps you are having difficulty with.  Finally is the advanced ability to communicate these cutting-edge techniques clearly, compellingly, and concisely.  Together, these skills offer you a rare and powerful combination of qualifications for expert tutoring to help you to succeed.

In addition to in-person tutoring, I also offer online tutoring, which many students find more convenient. I originally discovered this avenue at a student’s request and have since tutored dozens of students online across the United States and around the world. We will collaborate using Skype, email, and other online tutoring tools.  Using these techniques, I have taught students economic concepts, mathematics problems and derivations, and Time-Series Forecasting in STATA and Excel. Even if you don’t have a webcam, I can still teach you what to learn to get the grade or complete your work project whether you are across Chicagoland or traveling for work worldwide.  Feel free to ask me what tutoring techniques will work best for you.

Thank you for considering my services. Slots are filling fast. Contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment today!


Best wishes,

Expert Tutor
Mobile: +1 847.207.3968

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